Environment & Health

The Backstory: Sharon Lerner

For over three years, Investigative Fund reporting fellow Sharon Lerner has investigated DuPont and 3M, corporations that manufactured toxic chemicals, covered up the health risks, and tried to dodge legal accountability.

The Backstory: Frank Matt

Matt talks about finding and organizing data of more than 107,000 former nuclear weapons workers in the US who have been diagnosed with cancers and other diseases.

The Backstory: J. Malcolm Garcia

Narrative storyteller and Investigative Fund reporter J. Malcolm Garcia talks about the detailed note-taking he used in his award-winning series on military burn pits, writing down everything, and how to move the story forward.

The Backstory: Tom Gogola

Tom Gogola discusses his perspective on fishing bycatch, what didn’t make it into his final story, and the critical role played by The Investigative Fund.

The Backstory: Sheila Kaplan

She’s uncovered suppressed scientific reports on Great Lakes pollution and toxic FEMA trailers and sniffed out the ways Sarah Palin’s environmental policies may help create “special needs kids” in Alaska. Here Sheila Kaplan talks about how to cultivate sources and follow a document trail.

The Backstory: Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers tells about how she mucked through old growth forest in Borneo only to come upon locals with the chain saws out. It turns out they were clear cutting ancient trees to plant biofuel crops — a green energy paradox.

The Backstory: Anna Lenzer

FIJI Water markets itself as hip and green, but Anna Lenzer discovered the popular bottled water depends on environmental plunder and the largesse of a military dictatorship. How she got the story — and got arrested in the process.