Rights & Liberties

The Backstory: Saki Knafo

Saki Knafo is a Type Investigations reporter who recently finished a two-year-long investigation into criminal justice in the South Bronx.

The Backstory: Seth Freed Wessler

Wessler discusses how he discovered and reported on the U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of “floating Guantánamos,” which detain and shackle low-level smugglers in international waters for weeks or even months.

The Backstory: Frank Matt

Matt talks about finding and organizing data of more than 107,000 former nuclear weapons workers in the US who have been diagnosed with cancers and other diseases.

The Backstory: Dax-Devlon Ross

Ross discusses his investigation about discriminatory jury selection, how he cultivated sources, and the role his legal and academic background played in the reporting process.

The Backstory: Karen Houppert

Karen Houppert talks about the fiftieth anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, the case that gave every American the right to an attorney in a criminal trial.

The Backstory: Shane Bauer

Shane Bauer talks about reporting from a Solitary Housing Unit in a California prison as a reporter with personal experience of being imprisoned.

The Backstory: A.C. Thompson

A.C. Thompson on how it took him a year and a half to uncover a hidden story from the days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans — armed white vigilantes attacked African Americans fleeing the floodwaters with a nod and a wink from the local police.