Congratulations to IFUND Reporters

Great news! For the second year in a row, an Investigative Fund reporter has won the Planned Parenthood's Maggie Award. This year it went to Kathryn Joyce, for her excellent exposé of crisis pregnancy centers. “Shotgun Abortion,” which was published in The Nation, investigated the spread of highly questionable practices — including coercion of destitute pregnant women — in the anti-abortion movement's “crisis counseling” centers.

Last year, the prize was awarded to Investigative Fund reporter Sarah Blustain for “Life Sentence,” which was published in The New Republic. (To see how Sarah got the story, check out the Backstory interview I did with her.)

Meanwhile, Aram Roston's “How the US Funds the Taliban,” also published in The Nation, has been selected for the Project Censored “Most Censored” News Stories of 2009-10 Awards. According to the release, hundreds of news stories were nominated this year and Aram's story was chosen to be #10 in the top 25 most important news stories of the year. (A.C. Thompson's high-impact investigation into vigilante violence in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina won last year's Project Censored Award.)

Kudos to Kathryn and Aram!

About the reporter

Jayati Vora

Jayati Vora

Jayati Vora is managing editor at The Investigative Fund. Previously, she was features editor for Al Jazeera America, and during her time there led numerous longform and investigative projects.


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