Environment & Health

Against the Grain

President Obama supports billions of dollars in ethanol subsidies, arguing in part that it boosts rural economies. But the evidence shows it only benefits large-scale industrial production and cornbelt politicians — not local American farmers.

How Does Your Water Glow?

A politically connected waste management company operates a radioactive waste dump in Texas that sits atop one of North America’s largest aquifers — a recipe for environmental disaster.

The Poison Crib

New evidence has emerged that using chemical flame retardants, especially in baby products which are in little danger of catching fire, can do more harm than good.

Green Gone Wrong

Are today’s much-touted “green” products — carbon offsets, organic food, biofuels, and eco-friendly cars and homes — really saving the environment?

Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle

A close look behind the cool image of Fiji Water, a celebrated symbol of purity that depends for its profits on environmental plunder and a military dictatorship. Plus a special animated video.