Gender & Sexuality

Dangerous Liaisons

American evangelicals are losing ground at home in the culture war against homosexuality, but they’ve exported their hate politics to Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and beyond.

Crossing the Line

In Texas, the combination of abstinence education and anti-abortion stigma is driving some women away from abortion clinics — to unsafe do-it-yourself chemical abortions at home. Is the post-Roe era already here?

Straight Man’s Burden

It was a Ugandan member of parliament who introduced the bill that would penalize homosexuality with life imprisonment or death, but the idea traces back to a secretive American evangelical movement known as The Family.

Not a Lone Wolf

Scott Roeder is now serving a life term for murdering abortion doctor George Tiller. But did he really act alone?

Beyond Rescue

How the Gates Foundation’s war on sex trafficking in developing countries may harm the young victims it is designed to rescue. Part two of two.

Shotgun Adoption

The spread of highly questionable practices — including coercion of destitute pregnant women — in the anti-abortion movement’s “crisis counseling” centers.

Life Sentence

A sharp look at John McCain’s votes on reproductive rights and his track record in Arizona challenge the candidate’s image as an abortion moderate.

“Arrows for the War”

Christian mothers who believe in the “Quiverfull” movement — domestic warriors against 40 years of women’s liberation — aim to have more than six children, arrows in the quiver of God’s army.