Immigration & Labor

At War in Texas

Border policy is now effectively dictated by alarmist border-area sheriffs and politicians — and the federal funds flow fast and loose their way, with little accountability.

Hazing Arizona

The policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, infamous for his zeal against undocumented immigrants, may soon go statewide. The story of one immigrant, who died soon after being deported to Mexico, may serve as a warning sign of the brutality ahead.

Bound for America

Enticed by unscrupulous recruiters, saddled with thousands of dollars of debt, and working in exploitive, often abusive conditions, guest workers in the United States are legal — but vulnerable to a modern form of indentured servitude.

Hard Labor

The organic food industry, which prides itself on a gentler approach to land and the people who work it, is little different in its shabby treatment of a low-paid immigrant workforce.