Foreign Wars


Nir Rosen’s Aftermath, an extraordinary feat of reporting, follows the contagious spread of radicalism and sectarian violence that the US invasion of Iraq and the ensuing civil war have unleashed in the Middle East.

Fueling the Afghan War

The effort to keep fuel flowing for the American military has led to questionable alliances in Kyrgyzstan and allegations of corruption entangling the US government.

Disposable Soldiers

Chuck Luther is the latest victim of the military willfully misdiagnosing injured soldiers with a “pre-existing” personality disorder — and discharging them without the health benefits they desperately need.

Afghan Lobby Scam

A private memo from lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs reveals that a Pentagon contractor currently under Congressional investigation has sought to influence U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

How the US Funds the Taliban

Defense contractors in Afghanistan use federal funds to pay off suspected insurgents not to attack US supply convoys. And this payola may be a major source of funds for the Taliban.

Iraq’s New Death Squad

The first major investigation of Iraq’s Special Operations Forces, the largest special forces outfit ever built by the United States, which functions with near total impunity.