Rights & Liberties

Justice Denied

The UN tribunal established to prosecute Khmer Rouge war criminals is in shambles — and those responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands may avoid facing charges.

Look No Further

Grave allegations of brutality and torture by US forces extend far beyond water boarding and Abu Ghraib. But has there been accountability? Inside the Army’s Detainee Abuse Task Force.

Gitmo in the Heartland

They were set up covertly by Bush — but the Obama administration has expanded them. Inside the secret prisons that ban virtually all contact with the outside world.

A Shtetl Divided

In the 1990s, the NYPD often clashed with Brooklyn’s Hasidic community. Now the community’s own para-police forces, the Shmira and the Shomrim, are at war with each other.

Dangerous Liaisons

American evangelicals are losing ground at home in the culture war against homosexuality, but they’ve exported their hate politics to Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and beyond.