About Us

Type Investigations is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to transforming the field of independent investigative journalism. We produce high-impact reporting that amplifies new voices and offers reporters unparalleled opportunities to take risks, break news, and effect change. Type Investigations covers the most urgent issues of our time, including racial and economic justice, climate and environmental health, and civil and human rights.

Our Track Record

Stories from Type Investigations have sparked resignations of public officials, and triggered FBI investigations, Congressional hearings, and federal legislation. They have changed corporate policies and exposed previously hidden forms of abuse and exploitation. Our stories have won some of journalism’s top awards: the Emmy, the Polk, the National Magazine Award, the duPont, the Hillman Prize, the Scripps Howard Award, the Investigative Reporters & Editors Medal and more.

High profile examples of policy impact include our work exposing human rights abuses of immigrants at the hands of law enforcement which resulted in criminal investigations, a Congressional inquiry, and reforms within the U.S. Border Patrol; an exposé of abuses and deaths inside for profit prisons which led to the Justice Department ordering the Bureau of Prisons to end its use of private prisons entirely; and a story about how a Silicon Valley firm, Palantir, had developed a secret predictive policing system in New Orleans which led to the mayor ending that program.

Many more stories have led to shifts in corporate policy, from Starbucks vowing to shutter a bottling plant in California that had been tapping water sources in a drought-ridden area, to agricultural giant Cargill adopting new policies regarding deforestation in the Amazon, to Philip Morris and other major tobacco brands taking steps to eliminate child labor in their supply chains.

Our investigations have appeared in a wide variety of outlets, including The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Vice; independent magazines such as Harper’s, The Nation, Mother Jones, and The New Republic; digital outlets such as The Intercept, Highline, and the Verge; regional publications including California Sunday, The Texas Observer, and Virginia Quarterly Review; and broadcasters such as ABC News, NBC News, NPR and PBS.