Christiane Badgley

Christiane Badgley

Christiane Badgley is a director and editor of award-winning social issue documentaries and multimedia work. Christiane began her career in the San Francisco Bay Area where she was a frequent collaborator of acclaimed African American director, Marlon Riggs. From 1994 to 2008, Christiane lived in France, where she worked with European broadcasters on projects exploring the U.S. criminal justice system and post-colonial African politics and history. Since returning to the U.S., Christiane has reported on the extractive industries and controversial U.S. investments in West and Central Africa. Christiane’s most recent film, Guangzhou Dream Factory, about the African community in Guangzhou, China, weaves stories of Africans chasing alluring, yet elusive, “Made in China” dreams into a provocative critique of global capitalism. Featuring a dynamic cast of men and women from Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, the film provides a rare glimpse of African aspirations in an age of endless outsourcing. Last updated July 2017



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