The New York Times is recognizing one of our favorite Investigative Fund reporters, Kai Wright, whose stories “The Subprime Swindle,” “More Mortgage Madness,” and “Counting on the Census” you can see here. Kai is also an Alfred Knobler Fellow at our parent organization, The Nation Institute. He will be answering questions about the city’s gay youth on the City Room blog all this week. Readers can post their questions in the comment section at the bottom.

“Mr. Wright’s journalism has ranged from sexuality to economy, but it has remained rooted in community-based, people-driven reporting. Mr. Wright believes that to truly understand an issue, whether covering H.I.V. or subprime lending, reporters must spend more time with the people affected than with power brokers,” reads his introduction on the blog.

Post your questions and follow the conversation here. Kai’s first set of responses will be featured this Wednesday.