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The Wisconsin Right’s Voter-Suppression Scheme

The myth of widespread voter fraud by liberals is commonplace among Republicans. Now evidence emerges of voter suppression efforts by Tea Partiers.
The Racine Tea Party holds a bonfire in January 2010.

From familiar stories about “illegal” electioneering by ACORN and the Black Panthers to Sharron Angle’s recent claim that Harry Reid is trying to steal the election by offering prospective voters free food — the myth of widespread voter fraud is now commonplace among Republicans. In just one example, an unconfirmed assertion that Nevada voting machines already had Reid’s name checked off became a national story, with Rush Limbaugh claiming that the “New Black Panther Party,” with the “imprimatur of the Justice Department,” was “running fraudulent elections” across the country.

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Sarah Posner

Sarah Posner is a reporting fellow with Type Investigations.


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