At TMG, workers are, if anything, more vulnerable. All of the eight current workers interviewed by The Intercept and Type Investigations said that, in the absence of paid sick leave and with the threat of being fired after missing two days, they felt pressured to keep showing up for work.

On March 18, Cuomo signed legislation that, effective immediately, guarantees paid sick leave for employees who have Covid-19 or have been ordered to quarantine. The Intercept and Type Investigations reached out to the New York State attorney general’s office, which is monitoring the treatment and safety of employees during the pandemic, for guidance on whether TMG or Broadridge may have violated the law. The attorney general’s office would not comment on the legality of Broadridge and TMG’s conduct, but a spokesperson said the office is now looking into the allegations and speaking with TMG workers.

Recently, following The Intercept and Type Investigations’s inquiries with Broadridge about workplace safety, staff from the company handed out gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer gel to TMG employees, according to a current worker. A Broadridge representative also announced that, beginning on April 6, the temperatures of all warehouse workers would be taken by Broadridge and anyone with a fever would be sent home. For K., the new measures were welcome news — but they came far too late. “This is what they should have done a long time ago,” K. said, “before everyone became infected.”