Chantal Flores

Chantal Flores

Chantal Flores is a former intern at The Nation. Since moving to Toronto, Canada from Monterrey, Mexico in 2005 to continue her post-secondary education, she has been exploring the relationship between developed and developing countries through first-hand immigrant experiences. In her short journalism career, Chantal has discovered that her passion is telling people’s stories. One of the various challenges she is constantly facing is how to tell a story without objectifying and even patronizing her subject matter. Her work has been published in Mexico, Ghana, and Canada.


World Press Freedom Day

“Countless journalists have been harassed, threatened and killed. It has been my honour to belong to all those categories and now especially the last,” wrote Sri Lankan journalist Lasantha Wickramatunga in an editorial published three days after his death.


Global Water Crisis

In many cases, when reporting on crises, voices of people get lost among statistics and comparisons. The global water crisis has been gaining momentum and stories about a potential “water bankruptcy” are not futuristic anymore.