Dan Zegart

Dan Zegart

Dan Zegart is the author of Civil Warriors: The Legal Siege on the Tobacco Industry (Delacorte), and Your Father's Voice: Letters for Emmy About Life With Jeremyand Without Him After 9/11 (St. Martin's Press). In addition to more than 20 years as an investigative reporter for newspapers, television and national magazines, he also authored an intimate memoir, presented as a series of letters from a 9/11 widow to her infant daughter. Zegart's journalism has been featured in The New York Times, Ms., Playboy and The Nation, for which he frequently covers legal and political issues. He has also written, reported or produced for PBS' "Frontline," ABC News' "20/20," and the ABC "Directions" documentary series. He has consulted for PBS' "Nova." Zegart lives in Lambertville, New Jersey.



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