Eric Bates

Eric Bates

Eric Bates is an award-winning journalist with a distinguished track record for producing hard-hitting investigative reporting. Prior to joining the New Republic, he spent nearly a decade as executive editor of Rolling Stone overseeing the magazine’s feature writing and political reporting. From exposés on Wall Street corruption to the celebrated profile that led to the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal, Bates helped reestablish the publication as a respected source of in-depth journalism and narrative storytelling. During his tenures as investigative editor of Mother Jones and editor in chief of Southern Exposure, Bates spearheaded groundbreaking investigations of military contractors, for-profit prisons, factory farming, and predatory lending. In 2014 he oversaw the launch of The Intercept, directing the website’s reporting on the classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden. His work as an editor has garnered seven National Magazine Awards, the profession’s top honor. “Eric represents the very best traditions of American journalism,” observes Hamilton Fish, publisher of the New Republic. “He has edited many of the leading journalists, thinkers and scholars of our time, and writers have a deep respect for the care, energy and insight he brings to their work.” Bates appears frequently as a guest commentator on a host of programs—including Morning Joe, Charlie Rose, and Washington Journal—providing insight into published features and the breaking news of the day. Last updated July 2017



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