Jim Wickens

Jim Wickens

In 2003 Jim Wickens helped to set up Ecostorm, an undercover environmental investigation unit pioneering undercover and investigative reporting techniques around the world. His footage has been viewed by millions, opening eyes, challenging consumer practices, and helping to implement legislation around the world. From infiltrating whale meat smuggling networks in Japan to getting attacked on the barren beaches of Namibia whilst exposing the annual seal cull, filming testimonies of murders in the soya belt of Argentina, documenting slavery on Thai fishing boats out at sea, and eating his way into the soul-destroying secrets of dog slaughterhouses in China, there are few stones that Jim has left unturned. This work continues in earnest today: hard-hitting, unapologetically-direct journalism that seeks to expose controversial practices in the fields of environmental injustice, animal abuse and human rights violations around the world. Jim is currently based in Brighton, England. Last updated July 2017  



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