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The Nation

An American Black Site

It’s not just at Guantánamo. In a supermax facility on US soil, inmates are force fed — and barred from sharing their stories. An inmate breaks his silence for the first time.

Gay and Fired in Indiana

When Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, he claimed the law was “not about discrimination.” But employers there can fire workers for being gay or trans — and they do, all the time.


While trumpeting “pension reform,” Governor Chris Christie placed retiree assets in the hands of the hedge fund managers who bankrolled his political career.

Tagg Team

Investors in Tagg Romney’s firm, Solamere Capital, could hit the jackpot if his father wins the presidency.

Selling Schools Out

Under the banner of high-tech progress, corporate lobbyists have rammed through legislation privatizing K-12 education across the country.

Bad Credit

It’s easy to fall down the payday lending rabbit hole. And the industry is adapting so quickly to new regulations, you just may never get out.

Gitmo in the Heartland

They were set up covertly by Bush — but the Obama administration has expanded them. Inside the secret prisons that ban virtually all contact with the outside world.

City of Ruins

Camden, New Jersey, was once an industrial giant, employing tens of thousands in its shipyards and factories. Now it’s a poster child for postindustrial decay — and its streets are filled with the unemployed.

Crossing the Line

In Texas, the combination of abstinence education and anti-abortion stigma is driving some women away from abortion clinics — to unsafe do-it-yourself chemical abortions at home. Is the post-Roe era already here?

In the Shadow of the Serengeti

To make room for its ecotourism industry, Tanzania is forcing villagers off their land. And a $16,500-a-night “bush-chic” reserve owned by hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is one of the beneficiaries.

Counting on the Census

A close look at the race gap in the census, which means large numbers of African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans aren’t counted when budgets and political districts are set.

Fueling the Afghan War

The effort to keep fuel flowing for the American military has led to questionable alliances in Kyrgyzstan and allegations of corruption entangling the US government.

Disposable Soldiers

Chuck Luther is the latest victim of the military willfully misdiagnosing injured soldiers with a “pre-existing” personality disorder — and discharging them without the health benefits they desperately need.

Afghan Lobby Scam

A private memo from lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs reveals that a Pentagon contractor currently under Congressional investigation has sought to influence U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Beyond Rescue

How the Gates Foundation’s war on sex trafficking in developing countries may harm the young victims it is designed to rescue. Part two of two.

Shotgun Adoption

The spread of highly questionable practices — including coercion of destitute pregnant women — in the anti-abortion movement’s “crisis counseling” centers.

Iraq’s New Death Squad

The first major investigation of Iraq’s Special Operations Forces, the largest special forces outfit ever built by the United States, which functions with near total impunity.

Casualties of Care

A peek inside Project HERO, an ambitious “public-private partnership” at the Veterans Health Administration could threaten the agency’s ability to provide top-notch care.

Toxic Coal in Tennessee

A toxic Tennessee spill shows clean coal is an oxymoron: though technology can restrict atmospheric emissions, toxins simply get transferred into waste water and coal ash.

Body of Evidence

Did the New Orleans police play a role in the grisly death of Henry Glover? Eyewitness testimony and forensic evidence leads straight to NOPD personnel.

Alone Among the Ghosts

A look behind Roberto Bolaño’s last novel, 2666, and the author’s relationship to reporter Sergio González Rodríguez, who risked his life to uncover the Juarez murders.

A My Lai a Month

A multiyear investigation into Operation Speedy Express uncovers a pattern of civilian slaughter by the US military during Vietnam whose carnage dwarfs My Lai.

Gitmo in Disarray

Internal memos and court documents show the prosecutors involved with the military commissions view the process to be dangerously politicized.

Smearing Obama

Obama has made his Christian faith clear and he’s been defended by AIPAC on Israel. But the media keeps repeating the right-wing smears against him.

Rigged Trials at Gitmo

Col. Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor for Guantánamo’s military commissions, claims process was manipulated by Administration appointees to foreclose the possibility of acquittal.

Denial in the Corps

Marines with PTSD tend to go untreated by the Corps, developing depression and substance abuse problems. When this leads to charges of misconduct, many end up jailed or discharged without badly needed benefits.

Rudy’s Dirty Money

Ari Berman uncovers Rudy Giuliani’s million-dollar contract with one of Washington’s most powerful — and sinister — toxic energy lobbying firms.

Hillary, Inc.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vows to defend Americans against the privileged and powerful, but her ties to big business compromise her populist promises.

Bush’s Shadow Army

Jeremy Scahill reports on the Bush administration’s growing dependence on private security forces such as Blackwater USA and efforts in Congress to rein them in. This article is adapted from his new book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Nation Books).

“Arrows for the War”

Christian mothers who believe in the “Quiverfull” movement — domestic warriors against 40 years of women’s liberation — aim to have more than six children, arrows in the quiver of God’s army.

Hard Labor

The organic food industry, which prides itself on a gentler approach to land and the people who work it, is little different in its shabby treatment of a low-paid immigrant workforce.


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