Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers is a journalist and author. She has written for The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, and The Nation. Her first book, Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage, traces the history and politics of household rubbish in the United States. The book received the Editor’s Choice distinction from the New York Times Book Review, and Non-Fiction Choice from the Guardian (UK). Her documentary film, also titled Gone Tomorrow, screened in festivals around the globe. Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution, her latest book, takes a critical, on-the-ground look at popular market-based solutions to ecological destruction. Rogers has spoken internationally on the environmental effects of mass consumption and is a senior fellow at the progressive US think tank Demos. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Last updated July 2017


Against the Grain

President Obama supports billions of dollars in ethanol subsidies, arguing in part that it boosts rural economies. But the evidence shows it only benefits large-scale industrial production and cornbelt politicians — not local American farmers.

Green Gone Wrong

Are today’s much-touted “green” products — carbon offsets, organic food, biofuels, and eco-friendly cars and homes — really saving the environment?

The Backstories

The Backstory: Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers tells about how she mucked through old growth forest in Borneo only to come upon locals with the chain saws out. It turns out they were clear cutting ancient trees to plant biofuel crops — a green energy paradox.


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