Kathryn Joyce

Kathryn Joyce

Kathryn Joyce is the author of The Child Catchers and Quiverfull. A 2016 ASME-public interest finalist, she is also a contributing editor at the New Republic. Her work has appeared in Highline, Pacific Standard, Mother Jones, The Nation, The New York Times and many others. She has worked with the Investigative Fund since 2007. Last updated May 2017


Hana’s Story

Hana Williams left her Ethiopian orphanage for a new life in the United States. But after three years of abuse and neglect by her adoptive parents, she was dead.

Shotgun Adoption

The spread of highly questionable practices — including coercion of destitute pregnant women — in the anti-abortion movement’s “crisis counseling” centers.

“Arrows for the War”

Christian mothers who believe in the “Quiverfull” movement — domestic warriors against 40 years of women’s liberation — aim to have more than six children, arrows in the quiver of God’s army.