You may notice that our website looks a little different than the last time you were here.

We have made some changes so you can find the things we’re proud of more easily. And we made it (we think) prettier. There’s the homepage, which has a cleaner look. There are new landing pages for our special projects, where you can see all of the related investigations and news developments in one place. You can now sort our investigations to just view award-winners or special projects. And throughout our investigations and projects you’ll find handy snapshots of key findings, media coverage, impact, awards and other good stuff our stories have generated.

You can now see the awards we’ve won and the partners we work with at a glance. If you religiously read every issue of, say, Harper’s Magazine, you can click on the Harper’s logo to see all the stories we’ve ever published with them.

On our “About” page we have refreshed our “How to Pitch” section to provide more guidance for reporters pitching us for the first time. We have updated our FAQ and Resources pages, and beefed up our Contact Us instructions so that you may more securely reach out.

We hope you will reach out — to send a proposal, some feedback, a tip or even a donation. And please subscribe to our newsletter so we can share with you news of the work we do.

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