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Investing in Insecurity Along U.S. Borders

Private contractor Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is policing America’s borders with sophisticated surveillance equipment – to the tune of $30 billion.
A 'virtual fence' tower laden with radar, sensors and sophisticated cameras in Arizona | Credit: DAVID SANDERS/AP

In 2006, the Bush Administration's Secure Border Initiative outsourced the surveillance of all U.S. land borders to Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. It's the largest Homeland Security contract to date — $30 billion dollars.

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The fence features ground radar systems, mobile watchtowers, unmanned aerial vehicles and new wireless communication networks. If completed, the southwest border will be the most high-tech border this side of the West Bank.

On this edition, independent producer Joseph Richey visits Project 28 - Boeing's security site, a 28-mile strip along the U.S.-Mexico border, and we talk to “No One is Illegal” organizer, Harjap Grewal, about migration and international trade.

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Joseph Richey

Joseph Richey is an independent researcher, reporter, translator, and poet.


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