Democracy and Discontent in Bhutan

With the emergence of democracy in Bhutan, signs of discontent are emerging inside this little-known Shangri-La.
Dawadolma Tamang's husband died while making explosives in Siliguri. | Credit: DON DUNCAN

We continue our series on human rights today, by heading to a kingdom in South Asia, Bhutan. The tiny Himalayan nation has a lot to celebrate this year: Bhutan successfully transitioned to Democracy in March, its monarchy is celebrating a centenary, and a fresh-faced, charismatic new king ascended to the throne last month promising a new era of democracy and equity throughout the country. But with the emergence of democracy in Bhutan, cracks of discontent are beginning to show in the walls of this little-known Shangri-La. Don Duncan reports from Bhutan.

This report was supported by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute, New York.

About the reporter

Don Duncan

Don Duncan

Don Duncan is a journalist and a filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland.


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