Molly M. Ginty

Molly M. Ginty

Molly M. Ginty is a freelance writer and yoga instructor based in New York City. An award-winning health reporter, she holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University; has written for Ms., Utne Reader, Marie Claire, On Earth, On the Issues, Planned Parenthood, Whole Living,, and Women’s eNews; and contributed to the 2015 gender-studies textbook Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions. Molly also writes for Yoga Journal; teaches yoga to prison inmates; and is working on a book about the quirky, unexpected magic that yoga can bring to people’s lives. Last updated July 2017



The United States has finally joined a global consensus about the health benefits of breast milk. So why does a federal agency with huge sway over infant nutrition still pay for most of the infant formula sold in the nation?


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