Mother Jones

Mother Jones

No Way Out

Some human rights groups now call solitary confinement “torture.” Yet the State of California throws thousands of men into solitary for little more than the books they read and the company they keep.

Hazing Arizona

The policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, infamous for his zeal against undocumented immigrants, may soon go statewide. The story of one immigrant, who died soon after being deported to Mexico, may serve as a warning sign of the brutality ahead.

Bound for America

Enticed by unscrupulous recruiters, saddled with thousands of dollars of debt, and working in exploitive, often abusive conditions, guest workers in the United States are legal — but vulnerable to a modern form of indentured servitude.

Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle

A close look behind the cool image of Fiji Water, a celebrated symbol of purity that depends for its profits on environmental plunder and a military dictatorship. Plus a special animated video.


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